Daiken Metal Ceilings
Daiken has established a reputation for providing high quality and innovative metal ceilings which meet its customers’ needs. Its metal ceiling are distributed in both local and international markets.

The Advantages of FameLine Metal Ceiling

  • Extreme Durability: The quality of FameLine manufacture and finishing ensure outstanding durability which result in low maintenance solutions with decades life-span
  • Various Choices: FameLine metal ceilings are available in wide variety of finishes, suspension systems, ceiling material, and colors.
  • Custom Design: working in partnership with clients and architects, FameLine can provide practical solutions to meet specific performance, aesthetic and budget criteria.
  • Leading Edge Facilities : FameLine utilizes state-of -the-art production facilities, such as advanced computer controlled machinery and automatic coating line, to manufacture unique bespoke products to the highest quality standards.
  • Competitive Price: With the moderate expenses in Asia, FameLine can efficiently manufacture high quality products with a lower price.
  • Friendly to the Environment: FameLine ceiling material is totally recyclable.
Our Range of Products:
  • Tile & Plank Ceilings
  • Cell Ceilings
  • Linear Ceilings
  • Screen Ceilings
  • Sun Louvers